Our Vision

The goal of Projection Pro Billiards is to help you learn the game of billiards and pool at a more accelerated rate than ever before. Our vision is to bring the art of practicing the game into the 21st century by speeding up the process of finding, understanding, and setting up drills and diagrams. We have taken the "mundane" out of practice.

We hope that by making pool and billiards more fun to practice, more new players will be attracted to the industry to pick up and enjoy this great game.

Our Story

We are pool enthusiasts striving to get better and help you in improving your game.

Mike is a software engineer who, after witnessing his father's labor intensive practice regiment, knew he could design software to make practice fun and successful.  Rather than painstakingly set up each shot over and over manually, they collaborated and designed this amazing system that has forever changed how you practice.




Meet the Team

Projection Pro Billiards is a family business. We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that matches our values. Integrity first, always  kind, and fair. Because of this core value we strive to give you


and  try to make every customer feel welcome and at home.

Mike Flanagan

Founder & Inventor

Tom Flanagan

Vice President & Co-Inventor

Next Steps...

Our product was designed to help you improve your game while having fun at the same time. The Projection Pro Billiards Training System can help you achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.