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Short Rail

– Can get away with a cheaper projector. 
– We here at PPB prefer this location.

Get your measurements

In order to choose the proper projector, You will need a few key measurements from the space you plan on setting up the training system.

  • Distance from the nose of your short rail measured straight back to the wall.
  • The height of your ceiling measured from the floor.

Please select the size of your table from the tabs below.

select the size table you have

I have a:

7 Footer

With a 7 foot table you have many projector options.

ViewSonic PA503W


min. distance
5ft 3in

Most Versitile

This projector is the most versitile and if you have 5'3" or more from your short rail, this is your best option. hands down

Epson Powerlite 430


min. distance

Limited Space

This projector is great for rooms with limited space. it only needs 4ft of clearance and will work well on 8ft and 8ft pro tables.

8 & 8 Pro

Epson EX3220


min. distance

good for

This projector is good for a room with 9 to 12 foot ceilings and a shorter measurment from the short rail. Will not work well if placed much further than 5 feet back

Tab Three Content

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Mounting Solutions

You have many mounting solutions for the projector to choose from. it all comes down to personal preference and the space you have available. 

Portable Rack
Projector Mount
Speaker Stand

Long Rail

– Image is crisper on the table as a whole
– minimize rail clipping and loss of brightness 

How high are you ceilings?

With Top Down projection, the projector is not placed over the center of the table. It is placed about 6 inches back from one of the center pockets.

If you do not have at least 7’9″ measured from the ground. you may want to choose a short rail mounting solution instead.

Please select the size of your table from the tabs below.

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