PPB Training System
PPB Training System

The Projection Pro Billiards Training System


  • Dedicated micro computer loaded with our proprietary Training Software
  • Power cord
  • free wireless updates
  • Micro SD card

  • This software has many features to help you practice the game of pool and have fun while doing it.


  • Projector - for most applications, we recommend Viewsonic PJD 5255 or PJD 7828
  • Wireless mouse-available for purchase in our shopping cart
  • HDMI cable-available for purchase in our shopping cart
Setting up the Projection Pro Billiards system is easy. All you need to do is mount a projector in such a way that it covers the length and width of your table. Once the projector is mounted, simply plug in the micro computer and the software will automatically boot.

  • Gridlines
  • Bank Lines
  • Save ball positions
  • Upload lessons from the pros
  • Auto "personal" Trainer
  • Easy to use Menus and interface
  • Mirror drills and layouts
  • Adjust image brightness
Table with gridlines and numbers projected onto it


Project gridlines onto the table as well as any banking systems that you prefer.

Drop solids, stripes, and cue balls

Break a rack and drop numbered balls onto the table. Now you can run that same pattern over and over until you can run that table 99 out of 100 times.
You can drop multiple cue balls as well. So, if you keep missing the same shot in the run, just drop another cue ball and practice that shot over and over until you get it right.

Drop Custom Targets

Drop a custom target on any image in the system which gives you the freedom to customize any content.  You can make up new drills while you're at the table. See if you can pocket an object ball and hit the target with your cue ball.


Do you have drill books collecting dust?
With the free Desktop Calibration Tool you can take pictures of the diagrams in the professional books and lessons that you already own and load them into the Projection Pro Billiards Training System. Now you will be utilizing those great teachings more efficiently and effectively. We guarantee you will be using them more often, getting more out of the time spent practicing the techniques taught by the pros.

Timer Mode

With the Timer feature, you can select and adjust how many minutes a particular drill will project to the table. When the timer goes off, the system will automatically change to the next drill in the folder. It's like having a personal trainer at the table with you.
Digital Timer

Easy to use Menus

This system helps you want to practice by making structured sessions easier to set up, faster to take the same shots over and over, quicker to change drills and by increasing the FUN FACTOR of pocketing balls.
The menu system also allows you to create and customize your own folders. This makes organizing your practice sessions a breeze to build. Set them up one time and they will be available instantly and permanently.

MIRROR horizontal and vertical

Advice from the pros encourages you to practice from both sides of the table. As shooting from the left and right are different shots. With the mirror function, you can flip the table horizontally and vertically.

Adjust Brightness Levels

You can also change the brightness of projected images to suit your needs and better match your practice sessions personal preferred overall look.

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Our product was designed to help you improve your game while having fun at the same time. The Projection Pro Billiards Training System can help you achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.