Below you will find an instructional video on how to use the Projection Pro Billiards system on this table.

  • Grab the mouse from on top of the light. If the Projector is not currently on, use the projector remote from on top of the light to turn it on. It takes about 40 seconds to reach full brightness.
  • Drag the mouse around to find it projected onto the playing surface.
  • To access drills, “right click” anywhere on the table to bring up the Main Menu and click on the folder icon in the top left.
  • you will see another menu with three buttons “ Pro Lessons“, “Player workouts” and “Game challenges
  • Left Click on one of them and a list of the drill sets will populate below the buttons, you can scroll down to see them all.
  • Double Left click on any of the sets to open it. You will see a preview of the drills within.
  • Scroll the list and double click any of the thumbnails to project it to the table.
  • When a drill is showing on the table, you can scroll the mouse wheel to change to the next or previous drill.