After setting up your projector, it is time to calibrate your table.

Start by turning on the projector and plugging in your Training System micro computer. When the system boots and displays the Projection Pro Billiards Logo, locate the mouse and right-click anywhere on the table, select “toggles” from the menu that appears and select “toggle grid”. If this is the first time you are calibrating, the grid shown will be WAY OUT of alignment. This is normal and all it takes is a simple calibration to get you up and running.

Again, right-click anywhere on the table and this time select “APP” and “calibration” by clicking them in the menu that appears.

Click “YES” on the dialog pop up, and the table will now display a fully white background, 4 calibration BOXES and a DONE button.

Click and drag each box to one of the four corners of the table, placing them on the first diamond point intersection in each respective corner.

If your calibration screen is not fully illuminated with a white background, then your projector’s color setting might be set to “blackboard” or “Whiteboard”. The projector needs to be in Normal mode for the system to display correctly. To change the setting, use your projector’s remote, press menu, and navigate to “display settings” then find the option to change color mode to “normal”. (All projectors are different, so if you have problems with this step, consult your PROJECTOR owner’s manual)

When you are happy with the placements of your calibration boxes, click on the “DONE” button in the center of the table.

To check your calibration, toggle the grid off and on once again and adjust the calibration points until you are happy.


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