Setting Up Your Projector:

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up your projection area and what to look for when making decisions of how and where to place the projector


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  1. Bullseye Billiards told me to look at your product. Amazing. I would like to talk to someone because I have a couple questions. I already have a PC installed by my pool table that I use for Netcam capture of my training. I have HDMI, power, and ethernet running to the ceiling directly above and centered on my table. Can I mount the projector in the ceiling directly above my table? Do I need your PC or can I just run the software? I’m very interested in trying this out.

    • Hey Bill, Yes you can mount the projector directly above the table. It will look spectacular from there. As long as you can cover the full table bed with the projected light, you can mount it at anywhere at any angle.
      At this time, the system is only designed to run on our micro computer. Most people don’t have a laptop or pc dedicated to their pool table (yet), so we Decided to build the software on top of a platform our users could dedicate to and leave at their table. In the future we might build for other platforms… but as of now, other platforms are not currently supported.
      I Will be in contact with you to answer your other questions. Thank you!

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