Our desktop calibration tool is a free downloadable software that lets you use a picture or screenshot of any drill, diagram or layout and “calibrate it” to our training system.

We have gone over how to install it on a previous post. This article will walk you through how to use it.

When you Finish the tutorial above and have a folder containing the calibrated drill images.

If your system is not connected to your network. follow this tutorial first Connecting to WIFI
then continue.
Open a file explorer and select NETWORK from the left hand side. choose PROBILLIARDS. then open the folder Pi,
select either PlayerTrainer, ProTrainer, or GameTrainer then copy and paste the folder you created earlier into one of those three folders. after that, your new drills will be in your system and ready to practice with.

This tutorial will be updated soon with pictures and a new video with sound 🙂


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