Project Training Drills

Simply scroll between drills and layouts to help you make the most of your practice time. Never wonder if they are setup right again!

No need to fumble with books!

organize Practice Sessions

Our unique folder structure allows you to load your practice sessions any way you want. Draw, Follow, Shooting, Position, Safe.

The choice is yours!

mark and save new layouts

Quickly make and save new layouts with our Smart Ball feature. Mark the locations and try to run out. If you miss, you can set it up again.

Practice Makes Perfect!

PoolBilliards.CO integration

Our Partnership with allows users to combine the power of projection training with the stat tracking capabilities of PBCO and project their library of 1200+ directly to the table. 

All available through our Mobile App!

Offering Bullseye Billiards

Well organized to practice the skills you want. Bullseye Billiards fits perfectly into a projection training session. It is a set of 200 shots, where the shooter is pocketing an object ball and hitting a target on the table. 

Perfect for working on speed and spin control!

Spend more time at the table improving your skills and change the way you look at practice

Project training images onto the playing surface of your pool table to allow you to get instant feedback on shots and set up drills rapidly. You can even UPLOAD all of your current books and drills into the system to simplify the practice session process!

What Can It Do?

Whether you are just getting started with this great game or you are a seasoned player who is looking to get to the next level. Projection Pro Billiards can help you build the skills you want and need.

1400+ drills pre loaded

The PPB Training system comes with three built in categories. Pro Lessons, Player Workouts, and Game Trainer. Each with their own set of built in drills that are pre-installed and ready for action!

Grid lines

You can toggle table grid lines on and off at anytime using the Table Grid feature. Use this to help visualize and practice kicks, banks and angles OR keep it on to quickly set up layouts that aren’t yet saved.

Virtual Smart Balls

The Virtual Smart Ball feature in PPB is VERY POWERFUL! Use it to save locations, visualize contact points, see shot angles and tangent lines, set up custom drills, save whole table layouts while in game!

Save virtual layouts

Quick and easy to save new layouts in game, during a run, while practicing or making new drills for a workout session. Simply open the main menu, go to the drill selector and click the “new” button and name the layout.

Virtual Targets

Drop Vitual Targets anywhere on the table and practice your position play on the fly while using any drill or pattern. You can even load your own custom target shapes and rotate them!

Mirror layouts

Use This feature to mirror layout both vertically and horizontally, because we all know that, shoot from the left and shooting from the right are completely different shots!

Typical Projector Setups

Short Rail

The Projector is placed back from the short rail of the table and point down at an angle. Typically this is the more cost effective setup and the one we here at PPB prefer.

Top Down

The Projector is placed above one of the center pockets and points straight down at the playing surface. This setup requires a short throw projector which are more expensive but the image clarity is better.

Feature Explination

Virtual Smart Balls Explained

The Smart ball system allows you to interact with virtual layouts. you can drop Solids, Stipes, Cue Balls and targets. Each Virtual ball has many features.

Target Points

You can drag a target arrow out of each virtual object ball and aim for the pocket or line you want to hit. when you do that, a ghost ball will appear at the needed contact point.

Ghost Balls

The Ghost ball can be Locked onto by dragging a cue balls “aim Point” to it. the cue ball aim point will snap into place.

Contact Location

When A Cue Ball is locked onto a ghost ball, you will see a line from cue to object ball showing the exact contact point needed to make the shot

Tangent Lines

Tangent lines will appear whenever a cue ball is locked onto a ghost ball. this will help you get instant feedback when practicing things like follow and draw on angled shots.

Feature Explanation

Menus and Navigation

The Projection Pro Billiards Training System is easy to control and use with only a mouse. Simply use the on table menus to select drills, scroll middle mouse wheel forward to change drills. right click to bring up the main menu, left click to select things.

Main Menu

Use The Icon based Main menu to easily navigate through the system functions and features

Visual Drill Selector

Browse your drills visually and see what layout you are choosing before you pick it.

Drag and Drop Smarts

Use the “Ball Rack” to drag and drop smart balls, targets, shapes and more.

Auto Trainer Timer

set the auto Trainer to automatically change drills after a set amount of time.

Mirror It All

Use the mirror function to toggle and flip the table vertically and horizontally.


Calibrate the table Simply by lining up calibration points with the 4 corners of your table.

What It Looks Like

Here are some pictures of the interface and the system being used to practice… yes those mini games are in the system too 😉

Make The Most Of Your Time At The Table!

Our Team

Family based, owned and operated.

Mike Flanagan

Software Engineer

Tom Flanagan


Alissa Hand

Relations Manager

Tutorials And News

Here are our most recent entries , please click the button below to find all of our tutorials. we have video and articles in our archives to try to get you started in the right direction.

Some like it fast, others like it slow. In this tutorial we will be going over how to slow the mouse movement speed down in the PPB Training System. The process is pretty easy and can be completed in a few steps. Open the main menu […]
The Projection pro billiards training system comes Pre-Loaded With over 700 different layouts, drills, and patterns. Below Is a list of what comes pre loaded in our system at purchase. Other projection pool training aids make you buy “modules” if you want to expand the content […]

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